Big Time Production Updates

Production starts this weekend!

After a lot of revision, some test shots, a few casting calls, and many, many meetings, we are pleased to announce that production for Story of A Sleeping Man is underway!

The locations have been scouted, the script has been finalized, and all the major roles have been cast. Budget estimates have also been completed, meaning that our Kickstarter and donation pages will be up soon.

Big News of the Week:

This coming Saturday, November 5th, marks a historic day in our lives (and in yours too, I’m sure): the first day of shooting!

The past few weeks have been met with laughter, tears, crew reports, and the occasional Man vs Squirrel documentary, but everything is starting to come together.

So, if you’re keeping score at home, we now have:

  • A finished script
  • Cast Actors
  • Locations
  • Finalized budgets
  • Test footage
  • A starting date of production
  • The Eye of the Tiger

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Updates will be posted as soon as they are available, but for up-to-the minute news about Story of a Sleeping Man, be sure to follow us on Twitter @SleepingmanSIU

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